Are you interested in knowing more about FuturED? Here you can find all the answers to the most common questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


How is the FuturED program structured?

FuturED is divided into two distinct phases, both of which last four months:
- Acceleration: dedicated to the startup’s growth and collaboration with partners and the H-FARM ecosystem.
- Growth: focused on supporting the startup through fundraising and business development.

If I take part in FuturED, what are the benefits for my startup?

By taking part in the program, you and your startup will:
- Benefit from a €90,000 investment — €60,000 in cash and an additional €30,000 worth of acceleration services
- Collaborate with the program’s partners
- Get in touch with the entire H-FARM network
- Know and get support from over 100 mentors and experts
- Get access to the Morrow
- Get access to H-FARM’s facilities
- Get a chance to test your solution in a real-world environment, as well as the program’s partners
- Collaborate with all the other startups in the program
- Get visibility both during and after the program

When and where will the program take place?

The program will go on for eight months in total.
- Phase 1, Acceleration: November 2022 to February 2023
- Phase 2, Growth: March 2023 to July 2023 

Activities will happen both online (remotely) and on-premise at H-FARM’s Campus.

Do I need to be present during the activities?

Yes, but only when necessary. Some activities require physical presence, such as the scheduled meetings with the program’s partners (usually four in total). All other activities will happen remotely, while possible additional sessions will be organized in accordance with the startup’s, the partners’, and H-FARM’s needs.

Can I apply if my legal residence is outside of Italy?

Yes, applications are open to everyone; however, if selected, you will be required to have a registered office in the country.

What languages will be used for the program’s activities?

All activities will be in English.


What are the minimum requirements needed to participate in the program?

The startups we are looking for need to have a viable product, even in beta, that is ready or on the verge of being launched onto the market. We also favor startups whose founders work full-time on the project; entrepreneurs who don’t work in team or lacking a functioning product will not be considered.

How do I apply?

You can submit your application here.

Can I apply if I have more than one idea/startup?

You can indeed! You can apply with as many projects and ideas as you deem suitable to the program and that you believe might benefit from it.

What are the selection criteria?

Our criteria are:
- Affinity to CDP’s investment strategy
- Affinity to the partners’ strategy
- A suitable stage reached in the project’s development

Who is on the jury?

The jury comprises people from CDP, H-FARM, and a representative from each partner company.

If my startup gets selected, what are the next steps?

You will be contacted by H-FARM to better understand your needs and draft together a program that your startup can make the most of.


Will CDP obtain a share of the participating startups’ nominal capital?

Yes. The share varies in accordance with the startup’s size, but it never goes beyond 8%. More detailed information is shared with founders during the selection process. Follow-up investments, up to € 150,000, might be considered at the end of the program.

How do I get further information?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.